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Assemblymember Boerner Announces E-Bike Safety Training Bill

For immediate release:

SOLANA BEACH, Calif. — Following a series of traffic-related injuries and deaths, Assemblymember Tasha Boerner (D-Encinitas) announces the introduction of AB 2234 to ensure the safety of electric bicycle (e-bike) riders and those who share the roads.

The bill will require anyone over the age of 12 without a valid driver’s license to take an online e-bike safety training course and pass a written test to prove they understand traffic safety rules. Those without a valid driver’s license must have a state-issued ID in order to operate an e-bike. AB 2234 will also prohibit children under the age of 12 from operating e-bikes.

E-bikes are becoming an increasingly common environmentally-friendly mode of transportation for both recreation and commuting, especially for children and adults who do not drive. However, concerns about e-bike safety have been raised due to the maximum speed that they are able to attain, up to 28 miles per hour for a class 3 e-bike.

While e-bike usage has increased, e-bike injuries have also become more common. With the increased number of e-bikes on the road, these injuries have occurred more frequently and resulted in more serious injuries and even deaths. In fact, e-bike injuries have become more prevalent than traditional bicycle injuries, with children 13 years and under making up the majority of e-bike injuries requiring a hospital visit. According to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, there were 3945 e-bike injuries between 2011 and 2020. The e-bike injuries increased over time during the study period with the 10-13 year old age group making up 44% of those injuries. Children under the age of 14 made up 72% of e-bike injuries over the study period.

“Owning and riding an e-bike is a big responsibility, and it is crucial that children and their parents understand the liability they take on when they get on an e-bike that can go nearly 30 miles per hour,” said Assemblymember Tasha Boerner. “As an avid cyclist and a mother, my goal is to ensure that California’s young riders are educated on the rules of the road to increase their safety and the safety of other road users.”

“The City of Carlsbad was the first in the region to pass local e-bike safety laws, and now we are proud to partner with Assemblymember Boerner on another first, this time at the state level,” said City of Carlsbad Mayor Keith Blackburn. “As a former police officer, I have seen the devastation of traffic fatalities firsthand. We need to do everything we can to prepare young e-bike riders to ride safely on our streets.”

“The popularity of e-bikes is growing across age groups and abilities, and it is paramount for policymakers to create methods for them to co-exist with pedestrians as a safe mobility option,” said San Diego City Council President Pro Tem Joe LaCava. “In partnership with local organizations and leaders like Assemblymember Boerner, we can educate the public on responsible ridership and provide new opportunities for access and travel across San Diego.”

“Solana Beach is grateful for Assemblymember Boerner’s leadership in bringing this e-bike safety bill,” said Solana Beach City Councilmember Kristi Becker. “Solana Beach looks forward to implementing any and all measures that will ensure the safe movement of people through all modes of travel.”