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Oughta Be a Law


Are there challenges in our community or our state that you think could be fixed with a new law? This is your chance to share your ideas! In advance of the upcoming legislative session, I'm inviting constituents in the 77th District to participate in my annual "Oughta Be a Law" Program. Some of the most impactful laws we've passed through the Legislature began as ideas from people like yourself who care about their community and want to take action to improve it.

Proposals can be big ideas like a new state agency, or small changes to the law that make a difference in our region — it’s up to you. Complete this form to share your idea!

Constituent Information
Legislative Proposal / Bill Idea
What is the problem or deficiency in existing law? Why is it a problem? Who is being affected or impacted by this issue?
How would this solution address the problem? Attach draft language of proposed law or change in existing law, if available. Please be as detailed as possible.
Has this proposal or similar legislation been introduced before? Any similar legislation in other states or at the federal level? Please include bill number, author, legislative year and outcome of the legislation.
Please include any studies, reports, statistics, facts, newspaper articles, personal experience, or anecdotal evidence relating your proposal. Be specific.
Please describe any state costs, savings, or generated revenue by your legislative proposal.
Please include associations, advocacy groups, interest groups, and state agencies and departments.
Who in the district will be impacted by your legislative proposal? Have you checked with them?
(If necessary)