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2019-2020 Legislation

AB 467 – Sports Prize Equity
This bill would prohibit an application for state land use permit from being approved for the use of an athletic competition on specified state land, unless it includes, as a condition of the lease, equal prize compensation regardless of gender.   Status

AB 522 – Expansion of Cal Grant Transfer Entitlement Awards for Veterans
This bill would allow veterans greater access to higher education by raising the age eligibility requirement for the Cal Grant Transfer Entitlement Award from 28 to 32 years old.   Status

AB 931 – Increasing Women’s Representation on Public Boards and Commission
This bill seeks to remedy historical gender disparities in appointments to local public boards and commissions by requiring non-elected and non-salaried members of the boards and commission of cities with 50,000 residents or more are be at least 50 percent women by 2030.  Status

AB 983 – Electric Vehicles (EV) Charging Stations Infrastructure
This bill would require investor-owned utilities (IOUs) to work with local and regional planning agencies within their service territory in the development of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure deployment plans.  Significant and rapid expansion of the EV charging infrastructure will contribute to the State meeting its ambitious air quality and clean transportation targets.  Status

AB 1017 – Safety Assessment of Planned Pedestrian Railroad Crossings
This bill would make it easier for cities and counties to build safer pedestrian railroad crossings by requiring the California Public Utilities Commissions (CPUC) to provide a safety assessment of the railroad crossing during the planning phase and before an application for the project’s approval is filed.  Status

AB 1139 –Pedestrian Access to Commercial Shopping Centers
This bill would require that new or existing commercial shopping centers are easily accessible to pedestrians in adjacent residential neighborhoods.  Status

AB 1231 – Ambulance Service Providers’ Response Time Requirements
This bill would require a city or county contracting, renewing or amending their contracts with ambulance service providers to include response time requirements that are consistent with performance standards established by the International Academics of Emergency Dispatch (IAED), a non-profit, standard-setting organization for protocols and training in medical, fire, police, and nurse triage dispatching.  Status

AB 1315 –Building Affordable Housing in Small Lots
This bill would authorize developers to submit applications for the construction of fee-simple, infill housing on small lots in multi-family and mixed-use zones to create more affordable housing-ownership opportunities.  Status

AB 1347 – 100 Percent Renewable Energy Sourcing on Public Buildings
This bill would require state and local government agencies to use 100 percent renewable energy sources by 2030.  Status

AB 1426 – San Onofre State Beach Project Notification
This bill would require the California Department of Parks and Recreation to report to the Legislature about proposed infrastructure projects that would encroach or interfere with the San Onofre State Beach park operations.  Status

AB 1492 – Preserve San Onofre State Beach
This bill would ensure permanent protection for San Onofre State Beach by prohibiting in state law constructing, funding, approving or authorizing the building of a street, road, or highway in or on the park.  Status

AB 1607 – Gender Pricing Small Business Notification
This bill would require cities and counties to issue a notice of the Gender Tax Repeal Act of 1995 (Act) at the time a business receives or renews its business license.  The Act prohibits businesses from charging persons different prices for similar kinds of services if the difference is based upon on the person’s gender.  Small businesses unaware of this law have been the target of frivolous litigation for price differentials between services provided to men and women.  Status

AB 1640 – Excessive Budget Reserves Accountability
This bill would require cities and counties to report to the State Controller annually on how they plan to spend their budget reserves if these reserves are over 30 percent of their total expenditures.  The bill would also establish funding priorities on social programs and services currently being underfunded such as affordable housing, health care, veteran services, in-home supportive services, homelessness and foster youth programs.  Status

AB 1731 – Short-Term Rentals in San Diego County Coastal Zone
This bill would establish a 3-year pilot program to regulate short-term rentals hosting platforms to prevent the unintended consequences of permanently removing affordable housing from the housing market and hindering cities’ efforts to meet state-mandated local housing goals in San Diego County’s coastal zone.  Status

AB 1785 – Rail Corridor Liability Claims
This bill would allow a railroad owner or operator, or a government entity through which a railroad passes, to file a special motion to strike claims for liability related to incidents occurring in a portion of a railroad right-of-way open to the public.  Status

AB 1791 – Tax Returns Reporting Requirements Update (Form 1099)
This bill would require “gig companies”-those conducting business using an online platform- to report to the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) payments to an independent contractor totaling $600, rather than $20,000 and 200 transactions.   The overwhelming majority of gig economy workers do not meet the existing threshold.  Without meeting this trigger, gig companies are not required to file their 1099 forms.  Status