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Boerner Horvath Statement on Extending Evictions Moratorium

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO — This pandemic and the economic fallout it has caused has disrupted daily life for all of us — but people should not be evicted because of a public health crisis that is completely out of their control. Hard working Californians who have lost their incomes do not deserve to find themselves on the street with their families. Small landlords need to be able to cover their costs too. This is no one’s fault — but help is needed.

That’s why we’ve extended the moratorium on evictions to June 30, 2021, with applications for assistance becoming available starting in mid-March. This legislation continues the promise we made last year to help renters and landlords have the relief they both need to weather this ongoing storm. There is still much to do to help meet this challenge, and we all need to continue doing what it takes to stay safe during this time. To do that, people need to have a roof over their heads. By leveraging federal relief in this way, we can help keep many people in their homes.