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Boerner Horvath Votes in Support of Resolution Calling for President Trump’s Removal

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO — Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath issued the following statement in Support of Assembly House Resolution 7 (H.R. 7), which passed today out of the State Assembly with 51 votes:

“The strength of our Republic rests in respecting our democratic institutions, and our ability to respond to the challenges we face, including COVID, require that we have a functioning and stable government. Well before November of last year, our current President did everything he could to undermine public faith in those institutions, including that most essential element for democracy to survive — the vote. 

Instead of accepting the will of the people and the rule of law, President Trump incited his followers, calling on them to march on the Capitol Building when Congress was meeting to certify the election. The disturbing and unprecedented attack that occurred is a direct result. 

We need to be honest about what the attack at the Capitol was and was not. It was, quite clearly, an anti-democratic act of domestic terrorism and insurrection designed to subvert the outcome of a democratic election and the rule of law. It was NOT, as some have suggested, an act of revolution on par with what our nation’s founders engaged in. 

Those who fought and died in our War of Independence did so to free people from tyranny and in furtherance of a democratic form of government. Those terrorists who stormed our nation’s Capital building last week did so at the behest of a would-be tyrant in order to destroy our democracy. These perpetrators do not deserve to be romanticized, they need to be prosecuted, and the one who goaded them into action should be removed from office. 

In order to get back to the people’s business, we need to first affirm faith in democracy and the rule of law by holding those responsible to account. First and foremost, among them should be President Trump. That is why I voted in support of, and joined as a co-author of, HR 7 today, a resolution calling for President Trump to either resign, be removed under the 25th Amendment, or be impeached and removed by Congress.”