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Boerner Horvath Comments on Passage of 2020-21 State Budget

For immediate release:
SACRAMENTO — Assemblymember Tasha Boerner Horvath (D-Encinitas) released the following statement regarding her vote on the 2020-21 state budget bill that was approved today by the Legislature.
“Given the state’s current economic shortfall and sobering revenue projections, my colleagues and I approved a budget that allows for continued state programs and services while setting the stage for continued budget deliberations in the next two months.  This budget relies on federal relief and uses state reserves to avoid reducing vital state services for families, who now more than ever need the support to stay afloat during uncertain economic times.”
“While the state still faces many challenges, this budget continues support for K-12 education and colleges and universities.  As a mother and businesswoman, I think it is critical that we protect funding for education, childcare and after school programs.  Parents, especially moms, cannot fully go back to work when our kids are not in school five days a week.”
“This budget also protects vital health and human services programs, and increases support for housing the homeless. We are in the middle of a pandemic and it is our job to protect our most vulnerable, including our seniors.  So cuts to Medi-Cal, community clinics, hospitals, and our healthcare and in-home care workers should rightly be off the table.”
Highlights from the enacted state budget include the following:
• Includes $107.9 billion total for K-12 education at $18,416 per student.
• Rejects 10 percent Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) reduction from May Revise. 
• Provides $2.3 billion ($1 billion in 2020-21) funding relief for Local Education Agency (LEA) statutory contributions to the STRS and PERS retirement systems.
• Includes $645 million Proposition 98 funding for special education services and supports: $545m to base rate increases, $100m for low-incidence pool.
• Restores all May Revise reductions to K-12 regular public school categorical programs to fully fund Career Technical Education, After School programs, and Adult Education programs.
• Adopts major K-12 policy changes that provide fiscal and instructional flexibilities.
Health and Human Services
• Provides $1.2 billion in Proposition 56-funded supplemental payments to various Medi-Cal providers, including physician, dental, and women’s health services.
• Includes $34.3 million to implement the extension of pregnancy-only Medi Cal coverage for up to 12 months after delivery for patients diagnosed with a maternal mental health condition.
• Includes $54.3 million to continue all Medi-Cal optional benefits including optometry, optician/optical lab, audiology, speech therapy, podiatry, and the Diabetes Prevention Program among others.
• Allocates $199.7 million of Proposition 64 revenue to support education, prevention, and treatment of youth substance use disorders.
• Restores $33.3 million in ongoing funding for the Song Brown Program.
• Provides $205 million to continue to support IHHS service hours.
• Includes $33.6 million for SSI/SSP cost-of-living adjustment (COLA).
• Provides $30 million to continue to support foodbanks in response to COVID 19.
• Includes $8.5 million for the Senior Nutrition program, also known as Meals on Wheels.
• Rejects the May Revise 10 percent trigger cuts to all childcare programs.
• Provides $53.3 million in new federal CCDBG funds in 2020-21 to the Alternative Payment Programs (CAPP) for approximately 5.6K new ongoing childcare service spaces.
• Provides $123 million ($50 million roll over) for Essential Worker Child Care Vouchers.
Natural Resources
• Approves $20 million for the Outdoor Environmental Education Grant Program.
• Approves $197.333 million Proposition 68 for local assistance grants.
• Approves $150 million to backfill the loss of revenue from parks fees and fuel tax as a result of COVID.
• Approves $550 million through the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) for acquisition or acquisition and rehabilitation of motels, hotels, or hostels and other properties to house the homeless.
• Provides $500 million to cities for homelessness, public health, public safety, and other services to combat COVID-19 pandemic.
• Provides $1.289 billion to counties for homelessness, public health, public safety, and other services to combat COVID-19 pandemic.
• Allocates $500 million in new State Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC).
• Continues $5.6 million for County Veterans Services Officers (CVSOs).
• Rejects the May Revision proposal to begin closure of the Veterans Home at Barstow.
Other investments in response to COVID 19:
• Approves a total of $100 million to supports the IBank’s loan guarantee program that provides financial assistance to small businesses.
• Adopts budget proposal to extend Paid Family Leave job protections to all workers currently eligible for program, and extend pregnancy/birth disability job protections to all workers currently eligible.
• Extends the California Earned Income Tax Credit and Young Child tax credit to ITIN filers with at least one child six years of age or younger.